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We are looking for:

Technologically innovative, world class manufacturers of quality components for high power applications.

Hill Technical Sales Purpose

Hill Technical Sales meets the component needs of manufacturers who have either "pure" power conversion applications, i.e. inverters, ASD's, UPS's; or embedded applications such as large medical equipment, transmitters or infrastructure projects.

Sales Expertise

Our application specialists assist engineering designers in several elements of product design. Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Conversion magnetics
  • Thermal management
  • Sensors for control & feedback
  • Active components
  • EMC

Hill Technical Sales offers you:

Corporate Staff

Hill Technical Sales staff is composed of degreed individuals with more than five years of experience in the power conversion industry as experienced application specialists.

Corporate Vision

Hill Technical Sales is committed to being a technical component marketing firm specializing in all aspects of power conversion and conditioning components and subassemblies. These components are sold exclusively to OEM's for use in the products they are manufacturing for sale.

Project Time-lines

We understand that typical product design cycles often take 1 to 2 years. From rough concept to production orders, we know how to provide top quality consistent service and follow through.

Superior Service

We understand our markets and provide engineers extraordinary service with cost effective and superior technical solutions.

Design-in service

From the initial design stage to project completion, the expertise of our application specialists is called upon by electrical and mechanical design engineers at leading companies like:

  • Allied Signal
  • G.E. Medical Systems
  • Harris
  • Mitsubishi
  • Motorola
  • Siemens

We understand project management

OEM Representatives Since 1966

Hill Technical Sales Corp.
Advanced Technology Center
216 West Campus Drive / Bld 201
Arlington Heights, IL 60004-1442

Call or fax us at

Phone (847) 255-4400
Fax (847) 255-0192

Strategic objective

Hill Technical Sales is focused on providing our customers within our target markets with the most innovative, cost effective, efficient and reliable power components to solve there power conversion needs. Our objective is not just to become another source but to raise the benchmark for customer expectations for service, technical support and reduced total acquisition costs.

Geographic Territory

Hill Technical Sales covers the traditional ERA Midwest territory of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Illinois typically excludes SEC codes 620, 622, 628 and 629;
Wisconsin typically excludes SEC codes 547, 540 and 548. Maps are available upon request.

Company History

Ronald J. Hill founded Hill Technical Sales in 1966 after 10 years of corporate strategic planning experience in industrial controls. Ron also co-founded a major magnetics company located in the Midwest which he later withdrew from to pursue his manufacturer's representative business. The original focus of the company was on custom transformers. However, as power conversion technology evolved our product line progress as well. We offer a variety of inter-related supportive products, yet to our customers, our focus remains on power conversion.