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Electro-Optics:  Detectors

We offer Electro-optic products for emitting and detecting light from the ultra-violet to the infrared. These products vary in complexity from IC chips to full plug in modules. Typically these are integrated into products for resale, or for in-house instrumentation.

Detection products

  • CCD area devices / Line scan arrays
  • Line Scan cameras
  • High speed area cameras
  • IR arrays 1.0 to 1.7um


CCD's come in line arrays and two dimensional arrays. Two dimensional arrays are further broken down into full frame sensors and frame transfer devices. Peripheral electronics and camera kits are available for most sensors.

Model Chart

Area Devices

Hill Technical Sales is the midwestern U.S. representative for Thomson-CSF CTCS) solid state imaging devices. CCD's provide a method of converting an optical image to an electronic format. Image sensors cover the spectrum of illumination wavelengths, from soft X-rays, to UV through the visible region and into the infrared. If you are interested in how a CCD works, information is available on basic CCD theory on this web page.