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Fans Blowers and Motors

Our fans, blowers and motors are custom designed for a wide array applications in the commercial and military markets. We specialize in providing a specific mechanical configuration, allowing customer selection of mounting, termination, and connector. Fans are all manufactured in the USA Since 1953 to MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Q-9858A standards. Our fan and blowers are used in various commercial, industrial, medical, aerospace and military applications

Centrifugal blowers

These are designed for high reliability and maintenance free operation. Blowers are available in single, duplex, and inverted designs and provide high volumes of air at moderate static pressure. Backward impellers provide more pressure at less cfm, Squirrel cage designs provide moderate pressure at more cfm, and Radial versions provide the higher pressure at lower cfm.

Radial centrifugal blower

This radial blade centrifugal blower/ motor assembly uses a radial blade design to provide a high pressure to volume ratio and is particularly suitable for applications where compactness and light weight are critical. These blowers are typically designed for extreme humidity, vibration, and shock for extended life and altitude condition.

Tubeaxial fan

These have efficient airfoil blades, close tip clearance and clean airflow pattern providing higher pressure than the conventional propeller fan. Combined with our motor design capability we have achieved high performance and efficiency at low noise levels. Tubaxials produce less pressure than vaneaxials.

Multiple stage blowers

These produce very high static pressure at a low flow rate. They are also used to produce a vacuum. Because of there ablity to create a large amount of static pressure these fan are well suited for applications they may require suction such as a tape transport.

Propeller fans

Pictured here is a high performance compact and light weight fan. It delivers relatively high volumes of air against low static pressure. Typical applications include cooling of fresnel lens optical landing system on aircraft carriers and airfields and electric cabinet cooling.

Vaneaxial Fans

Vaneaxial fans provide high volumes of air at very high static pressure in a very compact space. They are designed with aerodynamically shaped impeller blades and straightening vane to reduce air disturbances and as a result produces higher pressures with increased efficiency and lower noise levels. Typical applications include clean rooms and ground enclosure that use 50/60hz. They are also useful in aircraft for 400hz use because of the high pressures they produce and their low weight to output ratio.


We provide motors for commercial industrial, and military applications, available in various voltages, frequencies, phases, and speeds either as complete units or as stator and rotor sets with output from sub fractional to 10 HP. Motors can be provided with either face, base or special mounting.

Induction Motors

We provide a complete range of induction motors designed with various speed and torque characteristics to meet specific application requirements, manufactured to close tolerances with all rotating components balanced to provide longer bearing life and minimum noise and vibration. Typical applications are fans, blowers, computer peripherals, pumps, aircraft equipment. and general drive applications.

Synchronous Motor

Hysteresis, reluctance, and hybrid synchronous motors feature smooth, constant starting and accelerating torque. Our manufacturing processes provide for accurate bearing alignment resulting in quiet, efficient operation and consistent speed. Typical applications are scanners, raster image processors for publishing equipment, computer tape drives and printers, chart recorders, medical instrumentation, commercial tape recording and duplicating.

Torque Motors

Our torque motors are designed to provide maximum torque at locked rotor or near stalled conditions. Options include special high temperature windings, heat sinks and forced air cooling. Typical applications are servo and positioning systems, tension reels, automatic door openers, and filament winding equipment.

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors are designed with a choice of electronic commutation and separate or integral drivers, depending on motor power requirements. With an integrated driver, customer installation and connection is greatly simplified. Typical applications are robotics, business machines, fans, blowers, machine tools, medical and laboratory equipment, and instrumentation.

Stator and Rotor Sets

Stator and rotor sets enable the OEM to integrate the motor with its product, and are available in conventional and inside out designs capable of operating at speeds in excess of 50,000 RPM. Typical applications are gas. air, fluid film bearing spindles for machine tools; infrared/laser line scanners where the motor and equipment must be built as an integral unit.

Value added assemblies

AC induction motor with glass optic used in laser scanner for optical inspection of sealing process in a bottling plant. A synchronous speed motor version is also available.
Synchronous speed motor supplied with mirror optic for high speed laser scanning application.