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Line scan Cameras

These are high-speed, high-performance CCD cameras: 1024, 2048 and 4096 elements for a wide range of industrial applications. Line rates up to 40,000 lines/second, with sensitivity up to 80 V/uJ/cm2 and noise equivalent exposure down to 30 pJ/cm2. These CCD cameras feature antiblooming, exposure control functions, and no lag effect.
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Cameras can be supplied with digital output (12 bit) or analog output (S/N= 65dB). A RS232 serial port provides camera setup control for gain, offset and four different synchronization modes, including an internal master clock. The high performance and operational flexibility of these cameras make them extremely well suited for vision applications in an industrial environment, including web inspection, food processing, object sorting, part sizing and high-speed document scanning.

High speed 8 / 12 bit Linescan Camera

These cameras are built around imagers, with specific care to combine utmost performance and reliability. The camera operation is pre-set in the factory set in free running mode (master mode), but this can be easily reconfigured using software in other modes (slave mode which needs external clock, or trigger). This camera family is compatible with almost every framegrabber dedicated to linescan acquisition.