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Power Film Capacitors / Induction Heating Applications

Contact us for Alcon Equivalents to Celem

Alcon Electronics Celem
ACC-120 N/A
FP-4-150 SP/SM CSP & CSM-150
FP-9-200-Al CSP180
FP-5X-200-2C CSP-120-200
FP-5-200 SP/SM CSP & CSM-150-200
FP-5F-200 N/A
FP-6N-200 CMPP
FP-38-300-SM CSP-150-300
FP-8-300 2H/4H CSP-305 A/B
FP-24-300-SM CSM 300
FP-9-300-4M CSP180/300
FP-34-300-5H N/A
FP-7-300-5H N/A
FP-3-400 2H/4H CSP-405 A/B
FP-2-400-2H CPRI 400
FP-20-400-SP CSP-150-400
FP-1-400-5H N/A
FP-10-400-5H N/A
FP-11-500-STD C500T
FP-36-500-5H N/A
FP-29-600-2H/4H CSP-305A/B-600
FP-4G-600-5H N/A
FP-60-700-5H N/A
FP-4N-100-SM CSM Nano
FP-12-500H N/A
FP-8C-1500 CSP-1005/1500
FP-10J-800 CSP-555
FP-11R-500 CSP-505
FP-31-1000 N/A



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