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Thermal Interface Material - Gap Filler

Thermal Interface Material

Thermal Interface Material | Gap Filler | Phase Change Material | Flexible Thermal Circuits
Thermal Grease | Graphite Films

About Thermal Interface Materials

Our family of thermal management materials encompass: Thermal Interface Material, Gap Filler, Phase Change Material, Thermal Grease, and Graphite Films. These thermal materials allow a heat transfer thermal profile that is nearly free of loss. We can provide these materials in a variety of forms to meet your thermal management needs.

The electronics industry is experiencing continuously increasing demands for miniaturization and cost reduction. These have resulted in a dramatic increase in heat generation through the use of higher frequencies, enhanced product functionality, and increased device power ratings. These all lead to higher temperatures which require good thermal transfer materials to ensure product performance and longevity.

These thermal interface materials allow for thermal coupling of heat producing components and systems in an effective, uncomplicated, and cost-effective method of handling thermal management. Our thermal gap fillers provide an alternative to replacement to Bergquistâ„¢ gap pads.

Reducing mechanical stress

Reducing mechanical stresses on the components assists both the designer in providing longer product life, and the manufacturer in making the product easier to assemble. Hence our thermal interface materials and gap filler are designed to require low compression force for good thermal transfer, and in the case of the gap filler, offer the combination of extreme conformability and the ability to regain its original shape after compression forces are removed.

The products consist of highly flexible materials which are both thermally conductive and electrically insulating single or multi-component polymers, filled with ceramic or heat-conducting materials.

Ceramic or mica discs may not be required

These heat conducting thermal interface materials and gap fillers can be mechanically reinforced by incorporating fiber-glass or other materials, and offers a versatile product that is superior in many aspects to conventional ceramic or mica discs.

Our thermal interface materials provide high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation. In contrast to discs made of mica, aluminum or polyamide, our thermal interface material can be used without a heat-conducting compound. We can also provide these as a finished die cut thermal interface pad.

No dry out during continuous use

As compared to commonly used thermal grease, our interface materials do not dry out during continuous use so they retain good thermal conductivity properties over several years. Using these materials, as opposed to thermal grease, also eliminates issues such as smear and when die cut into a thermal interface pad they prevent component fitting errors.

Adhesives not always needed

Our heat-conducting films are made using a casting process, which produce a smooth finish facilitating component mounting due to their self-adhesive properties. Not using adhesives in the assembly process allows for easier and cleaner component replacement; all that is required is the replacement of the thermal interface pad and, issues with adhesive shelf life are eliminated.


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