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Reflector Assemblies

Reflectors are provided to assist engineers wishing to build a UV curing system without investing in extrusion dies, long lead times, and minimum draw charges.
Our extruded reflectors are made of a 6061 grade extruded aluminum. The inside surface is then highly polished to yield an efficient transfer of UV energy to the curing substrate. Three styles are available, two elliptical and one quasi-parabolic diffuser.

3.25 in Elliptical

5" Diffusing Reflector

Each reflector comes in 10-foot sections. One section is only 1/2 of a reflector assembly, for example, one 10-foot section is enough to build one 5-foot reflector assembly. End plates can be fabricated out of plate aluminum stock and welded to the reflector.
Remember that lamp cooling the is very important. Capillary temperature should be maintained at 700 to 750 (C and quartz envelope should be maintained at 350 to 400 (C. Because of the temperature range that lamps achieve, they will physically expand and then contract upon cooling. It is best to mount the lamp by constraining it as little as possible. Typically A "V" can be cut into a rectangular piece of ceramic which is mounted to the end plate. The lamp then just rests in that "V" for support.

1.75" Elliptical

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