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Short Arc Lamps

We offer a wide range of short arc lamps, also known as compact arc lamps, with power levels ranging from 150 watts to 5000 watts in both mercury-xenon DC and xenon DC configurations. These lamps produce a highly stable uniform arc in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral ranges. Arc lengths range from less than a millimeter to approximately a centimeter. High pressure gas discharge lamps provide the highest luminance and radiance of any continuously operated light source.

Mercury Xenon-DC


Mercury Xenon-AC

Short arc lamps are used in applications such as graphic arts, photochemistry, medical, electro-optics, search lights, stage and studio projection lighting, optical instrumentation, military guidance and fiber optic illumination.

Lamps are precisely formed into a spherical or ellipsoidal shape and come in either clear or ozone free producing quartz. The ozone free producing quartz blocks all wavelengths below 254 nanometers. Due to the required arc stability and uniformity of short arc lamps, most are designed for DC operation. Also manufactured are AC short arc lamps for special requirements.

Mercury Xenon Short Arc

Mercury-Xenon short arc lamps are dosed with an exact amount of mercury and xenon gas. As the initial arc is struck by the xenon gas, the voltage will increase as the mercury vaporizes. Normally, several minutes are required for a mercury-xenon short arc lamp to reach maximum operating voltage and output.

The mercury-xenon spectrum, due to the high operating pressure, shows only traces of the xenon gas spectrum. The four main mercury lines dominate the spectrum. Designed to operate in a vertical position, Our mercury-xenon short arc lamps are manufactured in power levels ranging from 200 to 5000 watts. Depending on the lamp wattage, the luminous efficacy ranges from 22 to 55 lumens per watt.

Xenon DC Short arc lamps

We provide Xenon short arc lamps ranging from 150 to 5000 watts. Xenon short arc lamps are filled only with xenon gas and reach eighty per cent of total output immediately after ignition. The output spectrum is different than the mercury-xenon short arc spectrum. This spectrum is similar to daylight with a color temperature of 6000 degrees Kelvin. Along with high output in the visible spectrum, xenon short arc lamps provide an excellent supply of infrared radiation. These lamps are designed specifically to run in either a vertical or a horizontal position. The luminous efficacy varies from 15 to 45 lumens per watt depending on lamp wattage.